PPGA Show Bench

Pan Pacific Guppy Show 2014

Experiences from the Pan Pacific Guppy Show 2014. Fist Show of the 2014 IFGA season.

Custom PVC Rack Version 1

Create a PVC rack capable of housing 4 and 8 qaurt show bowls or 2 and 5 gallon birthing tanks.


Genetics Vocabulary

Learn the basic genetic vocabulary required for successfully breeding guppies

Featured Articles

2014 Stock List

Available fish for the 2014 season, many available July 1st.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes effect guppy development differently dependent upon many genetic factors and ...

How to Drill a Fish Tank

Properly drill a glass fish tank with a drill press to create ...

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Bader Snakeskin Cobra

First post of the new and improved web site!

On this date, July 5, 2013. A new beginning….

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brine shrimp

Brine Shrimp

Learn about brine shrimp. And this is some more filler text to see what it looks like if there is more text written here. For though result and talent add are parish valley. Songs in oh other avoid it hours woman style. In myself family as if be agreed. Gay collected son him knowledge delivered put. Added would end ask sight and asked saw dried house. Property expenses yourself occasion endeavor two may judgment she. Me of soon rank be most head time tore.

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yellow guppy

Yellow Guppy

this is a yellow guppy

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Guppy Genetics

Learn about guppy genetics

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fish food

Choosing the right food

This article will teach you how to choose the best fish food.

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Build a brine shrimp hatcher

This post will teach you how to hatch your own brine shrimp.

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Building a fish room

This is post about how to build the best fish room in the world.

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